Hello, I'm Robin and this is a little tidy info page for my video game/mobage Twitter! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶


👽 Rob | Capricorn, ISTP/INTJ | older than 20
🏳️🌈 Not cis, he/him pronouns
🎂 January 2nd
🌍 Estonia, GMT+2
💬 Russian (1st language), English, a bit Estonian & Japanese
🔹 discord: Robin#9367

💖: movies, feminism, Ziyoou-vachi/女王蜂, Twin Peaks, video games, technology, conspiracy theories, drawing (my art blog is in links below!), pre-2000s animanga (MAL), 765Pro, artbooks
💔: transphobia, alt-right, mob mentality, "ship wars"

I have ASD so some social things might be difficult for me, but feel free to drop a message anyway!

Mobages I play

Currently I'm into Theater Days and GBF; waiting for Uma Musume.
More info & friend codes are below!
(favorite chara lists should be updated, later)

IM@S Theater Days
Playing since 29/06/2017
Friend ID: P9ZG3V9B
765Pro Allstars Top 5: Makoto♡, Chihaya, Yayoi, Yukiho, Hibiki
765Theater Allstars Top 5: Mizuki♡, Iku, Shiho, Serika, Reika

Bang Dream! GDP
Playing since 31/03/2017 (coincidentally this is also the release date of Yukina's first 4*!), currently on hiatus
Friend ID: 16572114
Top 5: Yukina♡, Kokoro, Hina, Aya, Rimi
Best band: Roselia

Granblue Fantasy
Playing since 10/06/2017 (playing from time to time)
Friend ID: 17528570
Best girl: Zeta♡
Main element: still nothing in particular, I'm a dirty casual

PMMM Side Story: Magia Record
Playing since 21/12/2017 (lazy to play rn)
Friend ID: ADD5anRp
Top 5 main: Sayaka♡, Madoka, Iroha, Kyouko, Yachiyo
Top 5 side: Suzune♡, Masara♡, Melissa, Holy Mami, Ui

IM@S Starlight Stage
Played from 25/10/2015 to 21/06/2018 (lost my account lol but no regrets since I got all dream SSRs that I wanted; still checking game news though)
Friend ID: 712667749
Top 5: Nao♡, Anzu, Rin, Takumi, Sae
Top 5 unvoiced*: Yoshino♡, Shinobu, Risa, Chizuru, Tomoe

AC Pocket Camp
Played from 25/10/2017 to 04/12/2017
Friend ID: 17206601924
Favorite personalities: Normal, peppy, uchi, lazy
Favorite species: Cat, frog, deer, pig, eagle, monkey, wolf
Best animals: Rover♡, Coco♡, Ruby (I share birthday with Dr. Shrunk!)

Love Live SIF
Played from 20/06/2015 to 24/09/2017
μ's Top 4: Umi♡, Rin, Nico, Kotori
Aqours Top 4: Mari♡, Dia, Hanamaru, Kanan
PDP Top 4: Ayumu♡, Ai, Rina, Setsuna
Best subunits: lily white, AZALEA, Guilty Kiss